Vacant Site Levy

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council Meeting


To ask the Chief Executive how much money has been collected to date on the Vacant Site Levy?”
To date no Vacant Site Levy payments have been collected.
The Vacant Site Levy is payable in arrears and no vacant site levy payments were collected in 2019, for 2018, as no levy demands were issued. This is due to the fact that none of the vacant sites on the Vacant Site Register in 2019 were liable for a levy for 2018. No payments have yet been received in 2020 for 2019 as the levy demands for 2019 were
only issued on 2nd June 2020, this was due to the Ministerial Order relating to Planning. Further as the levy demands were only issued on that date, this is still within the statutory appeal period.

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