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Dun Laoghaire Area Meeting


To ask the Chief Executive how many repairs have taken place to the leaking roof of Deansgrange Library and to give a cost for each repair?”
Deansgrange Library opened in 1982. The roof at Deansgrange Library is the original, constructed using asphalt tiles and containing original Strammit self-support material (which is compressed straw with metal reinforcement which goes under felt). Rain ingress over the years has damaged the structural integrity of this material, making it soft, and unsupportive, further causing the asphalt tiles to pull and exacerbate water ingress, being original to the roof and becoming less well jointed
over the years. As the strammit has become soft over the years, it has lost its structural integrity and began to retain water.

In 2012, Deansgrange Library refurbishment project concentrated on an extension to the building, with new bay windows and foyer, external surrounding landscaping works including concrete planters, work on addition of toilets, meeting room, also finishes including new flooring, shelving, etc. Other than foyer roof, the roof has not been altered or upgraded since the library was first built. Some minor repairs were
done to the roof over the years but they were temporary patch jobs as follows.

In 2015 the water tank sank into the roof. Repairs to this were made in 2015 and this is when the damage to the supporting strammit system was first revealed. 2015 Roof Repairs cost €1,660 including repairs to water tank and section around this.

My Open Library service was launched in Nov 2018, but the Library had to close for Christmas 2018 due to leaks for unscheduled closure. Latent defects and failed junctions were discovered. 

Jan 2019 Temporary patch repair work Enke liquid system & Paralong Granular finish at cost of €3750 + VAT. Electrical costs also for call out to check electrics cost
€118 + VAT
14/10/19 Leak reported in new area
09/01/20 One new leak reported
05/03/20 Two leaks reported

02/07/20 – major leak in adult library, pooling through newly installed LED lighting, causing all the lights to short. The Lights for adult library were deemed unsafe and circuit isolated/ switched off and temporary up-lighting had to be purchased. Electrician call out costs to isolate lighting were €118. Electrics reinstated when dried out.
03/07/20 Temporary patch job carried out by a roofing contractor at a cost of €822.25 +VAT. Electrician costs were €118 + VAT.
07/07/20 – two new leaks in different areas to the leak previously, one in foyer and one in adult library. Water pooling on floor from both. No repair taken as quotes being sought for repairs
Dec 2020 – Water tank pipe lagging and repair. Sitting water swept. Cost of €533 + VAT.
As part of maintenance programme library branches have quarterly drain cleans, Deansgrange Library is done more regularly to assist in addressing roof issues and clear sitting water, drains etc.
2021 – Current works being tendered to address the problems of both structural support (steel struts) to reinforce internally, (replacing the Strammit which is to be stripped out), plus a new low-maintenance surface covering which will be added to protect the asphalt tiles.

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