Benamore Court

Dun Laoghaire Area Committee


That the Chief Executive bring a report outlining the progress to date on the following issues in Benamore Court, 1. Heating 2. Billing for heating 3. Frequency of heating bills 4. Tariff used for calculation heating bills.
The Benamore Court development has been managed and maintained by Tuath Housing Association on behalf of the Council since 2017.
At present, tenants in Benamore Court receive heating bills every 2 months from Tuath with the most recent bills issued in late October 2022. The heating bills are calculated by Tuath and the respective charge is added to the tenant’s rent account.

Following recent discussions with Tuath, it has been agreed that the responsibility for the ongoing management of the properties and tenancies in Benamore Court would revert to the Council from 1 December 2022. We have written to the tenants advising them of this and are working with Tuath to ensure a smooth transition period.
To help us prepare for this transition, the Council requested a report from Tuath about the ongoing issues arising with the heating system in the development. We will review the different aspects of the heating and billing systems over the coming months as they are integrated into our own structures. Any changes needed to the current systems will be
communicated with the residents before they are implemented.

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