LED Street Lighting

Dun Laoghaire Area Committee


To ask the Chief Executive to advise if the replacement LED street lighting bulbs can be turned down to emit less intense light as they are causing problems for householders and wildlife?
The LED lantern upgrade programme was designed to both improve the lit environment and reduce energy by improving the efficiency and efficacy of the lanterns throughout the county. To that end, lanterns were sourced that reduced the light emitted to the minimum allowable
under the lighting standards, while still staying within those requirements. All lanterns purchased by the council meet the European Standards for Photobiological Safety EN 62471.
Due to the roads and walkways within the county not always following a straight line, individual lights may need additional baffles to remove un-needed light in a particular direction. If any individual light is causing an issue, please forward that location to the Public Lighting Section and we will investigate the situation.

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