Footbridge N11

Dun Laoghaire Area Committee


Motion: Councillor M. Baker
That this Council finds an appropriate means of making the pedestrian bridge over the N11
from Seafield Road to UCD safe for pedestrians during times of frost, snow and icy conditions.
Would it be possible to apply some material to the treads of the steps to give grip.

The steps, ramps and bridge span on the footbridge over Stillorgan Road from Seafield Road
to the new UCD Nova entrance contain a concrete surface. On behalf of the Council, a visual
inspection was carried out by a road surfacing company to examine the skid resistance on the
various elements of the footbridge surface and they deemed the skid resistance to be
It should be noted that TII removed this footbridge several years ago to facilitate sand blasting
of the surface and painting of the railings. Any provision of a new skid resistance surface
would similarly require the removal of the bridge at high costs.
It should be noted that during periods of low temperatures where there may be coating of ice
and/or snow on the surface of bridge, the provision of an improved surface may not be
effective in having adequate skid resistance on the bridge during these cold periods.
Side railings exist on the bridge (steps, ramps and bridge span) to help people cross the
bridge by allowing them to hold onto the rail during windy or icy periods.


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