Dundrum to Blackrock Orbital QBC


Area committee meeting October 2004

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager in relation to the proposed Quality Bus Corridor on Mount Merrion Avenue

  1. To confirm if the tree survey has been completed and if so when the results will be made known to local residents;
  2. To confirm the estimated cost of installing the QBC
  3. To confirm if a timetable for further discussion with the residents has been agreed?"


  1. The tree survey has been completed. A meeting will be arranged shortly with representatives of Mount Merrion Avenue Residents' Association. The tree survey results will be made available at that time.
  2. As no scheme has been agreed at this stage no costing can be provided. The full estimated cost of installing the bus priority measures on Mount Merrion Avenue will be provided when the Scheme has been agreed.
  3. A fixed date has not been set out. However a meeting will be scheduled shortly with relevant Residents' Association Representatives.

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