Essential Repairs / Disable Persons Grants


Council meeting October 2004

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager what was the overall value of approvals for 2003 and 2004 (to date) of both the Essential Repairs Grant and the Disabled Persons Grant. How many applicants had their applications approved and dealt with during these periods? How many were approved but have yet to have their applications dealt with? What is the amount of money required for this and how many applications post April 2003 have yet to be processed?"


DISABLED PERSONS GRANTS: 2003 – Estimate Provision €1,104,400 87 Disabled Persons Grants were paid to the value of €1,104,400 2004 – Budget Provision €1,050,000 Position at 30/09/2004

  • 49 grants paid €612,751
  • 37 approvals issued €382,099

There are 162 unapproved applications currently on hands and based on an average grant of €13,000 the estimated cost of these applications is €2,106,000.58% of these applications are categorised "Priority One" and these are being processed at present ESSENTIAL REPAIRS GRANTS:

2003 Budget Provision = €9,600
1 Grant Paid = €9,530
2004 Budget Provision = €19,000
4 applications Recd:
1 approval issued = €9,530
1 application being examined
2 applications did not comply with the terms of the Scheme.

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