Renewal of Residential Parking Permits Renewal


Council meeting November 2004

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager, in relation to the renewal of resident parking permits, that if the applicant submits a current driving licence and an insurance certificate that was only issued in the proceeding six months, that these would be sufficient proof for the renewal of a residents parking permit. The use of a utility bill to prove residency is too narrow given that such bills are usually held in the name of one of the residents while their spouse/partner and their offspring are not included. Furthermore, why is the electoral register not used to confirm residency? The register should be an accurate record of residency as it is maintained by the Council. Finally, why are resident permits issued to owners of foreign registered vehicles?"


The following are required when applying for residents parking permits or renewal of permits:

  • Current Tax Disc
  • Current Insurance Certificate
  • Current Driving Licence
  • Current Utility Bill

As driving licences may be obtained for a period of up to 10 years they may not indicate an applicants current address. Similarly, insurance certificates may not always have a person's correct address and may actually be company insurance with the relevant company address. With regard to utility bills, credit card statements, mobile phone bills, telephone bills, TV licences, bank statements, ESB bills, Gas bills etc. are accepted. The experience of the Council is that there is rarely a problem with people supplying the required data when applying for a residents parking permit. The Register of Electors is a record of occupancy based on information supplied by the public and is not in itself proof of residency. The Register is updated yearly and comes into force on the 15th February of each year. Residents parking permits are issued to residents within a pay parking area who satisfy the Council as to their eligibility. There is no discrimination against foreign registered vehicles.

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