Repairs to Water Supply


Council meeting November 2004

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"o ask the Manager what are the procedures for the following: (a) to allow the opening of pathways to facilitate repairs to water supply; (b) what form of temporary repair is acceptable to the Council; (c) what is the acceptable timeframe in which a permanent repair is undertaken by the Council's contractors; (d) who bears the cost of the final repair?"


  • The opening of roads and footpaths by the Council's Environmental Services Department is carried out on a needs/emergency basis in order to carry out repairs to water mains and sewers.
  • Planned maintenance work is carried out in consultation with the Roads Control Unit of the Transportation Department.
  • All temporary and permanent reinstatements should be carried out in accordance with the DOE&LG 'Guidelines for the Opening, Backfilling and Reinstatement of Trenches in Public Roads'.
  • The Roads Control Unit maintains a database of all water and drainage openings in the County.
  • The permanent reinstatement of these openings is carried out by the Roads Control Unit. The budget for 2004 is €504,000 for Water and Drainage Reinstatements and is funded by the Environmental Services Department. There is also €200,000 for reinstatement of defective footpaths adjacent to water and drainage openings available only for the current year.
  • These reinstatements are carried out on an area basis to maximise efficiencies and economies. The reinstatement schedule is subject to financial and programming constrains. There is a backlog of reinstatements on the database to be dealt with.
  • 20% of the budget is available for emergency reinstatement of hazardous openings.
  • Water and Drainage openings are also repaired as part of the Annual Road and Footpath Restoration Programme where appropriate.
  • The final cost of repair is borne by the relevant utility.

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