Solve problem of flooding at junction of Carysfort Avenue and Convent Road, Blackrock


Area committee meeting November 2004

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager to solve the problem of flooding at the junction of Carysfort Avenue and Convent Road, Blackrock. This busy junction is used by families to get to and from school and on rainy days the footpath is inaccessible due to a large pool of water. Flooding is a recurring problem at this junction for many years?"


This location is known by the Maintenance Staff as an area where localised flooding occurs after heavy rain. The flooding problem here is caused by gullies uphill from this corner being blocked with fallen leaves. The sweeping of leaves from the road channel is frequently interrupted because of parked cars. The gully sucker cleans out these gullies quite regularly (every 2nd or 3rd Saturday) when access can be gained to them, but become clogged with leaves within days, at this time of the year. Every effort is being made by both the Maintenance Section and Environmental Services Section to alleviate the flooding at this location. This matter will be referred to the Environmental Services Department for their attention also.

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