Dredging of pond in Carysfort Park


April 2006 Area committee meeting It was PROPOSED by Councillor M. Baker and SECONDED by Councillor J. Bailey. "That the Manager would undertake the dredging of the pond in Carysfort Park as the current water level is very shallow and issues are arising over the safety of the fauna that live in the pond." The following report of the Manager was CONSIDERED. "Frequent inspections of the pond are made by Parks staff and any vegetation or debris accumulating is removed in the interest of flood prevention. Water levels have been especially low due to low rainfall in recent months. However, in recent months no significant impediment exists in water flow in the pond. There is adequate marginal planting to encourage habitat and wildlife diversity and an island which provides a place for specialized plants, insects and waterfowl. It is, therefore, not considered necessary to carry out dredging or desilting works at present." The Motion was AGREED.

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