Electoral register


April 2006 Council meeting Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager to confirm if a Countywide review of the Electoral Register will be taking place in the next twelve months so as to make the Register as accurate as possible for the next election? To outline the procedure if any, for informing the Council of inaccuracies that become known to Councillors in the course of their work?"


"At the moment, there is an onus on individuals to take steps to satisfy themselves that they are on the Register of Electors. However, the Council facilitates the registration of individuals and the updating of the register by the following:- 1. House to house enquiries by Inspectors to identify necessary changes for the publication of the Draft Register. 2. An advertising campaign is carried out each year by the Council and the Department of the Environment Heritage and Local Government to raise awareness of the Register process and the need for the public to engage in the process to ensure a high accuracy rate in the Register process. 3. The public may check if they are registered on the Register of Electors on the Council's website and may complete an application form online for inclusion in the Register. 4. The draft Register is made available at Libraries, County Hall, Dundrum Local Office and Garda Stations for inspection by members of the public. 5. Claims may be made by the public to have any corrections made to the draft Register. The Council welcomes information from Councillors on any updating required to the Register. The Franchise Section in Corporate Services may be contacted by email: Registerofelectors@dlrcoco.ie or telephone 2054777 with this information. A Working Group has been set up under the auspices of the Local Government Computer Services Board which has reached the final stage of the Electoral Register Business Process Improvement exercise. It is understood that the recommendations made by the Working Group will be sent to the Department of the Environment Heritage and Local Government in the coming weeks."

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