Inventory of all CO2 Emissions


July 2006 Council meeting Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager to conduct an inventory of all CO2 emissions from all Council buildings, Council housing and Council vehicles and provide a report with the results?"


"In 2004 pursuant to the Council's Local Agenda 21 Action Plan consultants were commissioned to carry out an energy audit of the Council's day to Day activities. The energy audit phase 1 report dated March 2005 involved an overview of energy consumption. The following table extracted from that report shows the CO2 emissions identified in the audit.

Premises (offices, libraries, depots etc) 3,268 tonnes p.a.
Pumping plant 1,820 tonnes p.a.
Public lighting 6,390 tonnes p.a.
Transport (Council vehicles) 1,684 tonnes p.a.
Total 13,142 tonnes p.a.

The figure for premises includes an element of emissions from social housing where the Council pays the energy bills e.g. lighting of stairways in flat complexes, heating in some sheltered housing. However the information to calculate energy consumption in social housing units generally is not available to the Council. Since the above information was compiled the Council accepted a tender for the supply of electricity from renewable sources which will result in an estimated reduction of 2,500 tonnes of CO2 p.a. from premises and pumping plant."

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