Mc Cabe Villas – Rebuilding Rear Walls


April 2006 Area committee meeting Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager to have the rear walls of houses numbers (details supplied) Mc Cabe Villas, rebuilt following the collapse of the rear walls sometime ago? Can the associated rubble from the collapsed walls also be removed from the lands behind these houses?"


"The back boundary wall to the gardens of the properties mentioned at Mc Cabes Villas, which is a retaining wall supporting the back gardens and back boundary wall, has collapsed. The matter was referred to the Council by way of a Dangerous Structures complaint. Following receipt of the complaint protective fencing was erected to secure the adjacent boundaries in the interest of public safety. The extent of work to remedy this collapse is considerable due to the drop in levels in excess of 1.5 meters from the gardens to the lower adjacent site. The division of responsibilities is complicated by the fact that four of the properties are privately owned and two are in Council ownership. It is considered that the ideal solution to this problem is to appoint a Contractor to build a single structure to support the gardens and back walls in respect of all properties. In order to proceed towards a bi-party agreement the Council has commissioned a Structural Engineers Report and on receipt of that advice will seek tenders for the reconstruction of the retaining element of this wall. This Report is being prepared now. A tender process will be followed by negotiation with all parties to agree on the apportionment of costs. The Housing Department will represent the interest of and take responsibility for the two tenanted properties. Meanwhile the site will continue to be secured by protective fencing pending agreement and completion of works."

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