Skate park at Monkstown Pool



26 FEBRUARY 2007



Motion: Councillor M. Baker

"That the Manager report on the following:

The steps that have been taken in relation to the purchase of equipment for the skate park at Monkstown Pool.

The consultation that has taken place with the ‘skate community'.

If it was necessary to tender for the supply of the equipment for the skate park.

And if so, when did this tender process take place and how many tenders were received?

If a final decision been taken on what type of equipment will be purchased.

Will the equipment be of modular pre-fabricated construction or poured concrete?"


The provision of a Skatepark at Monkstown has been under consideration since 2004. As part of this development a feasibility study was presented the to Council and public consultation meetings were held in County Hall in March 2005. Feedback was included in the Architect's brief for the project.

Following the granting of permission under the Part 8 planning process for the next phase of development at Monkstown Pool and Fitness centre, the Management Board moved the project forward to the final design and tender stage. The notice to tender was advertised in the Irish Times on 7th September 2006 and eight (8) contractors tendered for construction and fit-out contracts. As part of this process the Board undertook further research by visiting sites in Germany and the U.K. and also existing sites in Ireland in order to provide the best long-term facility for the user groups at Monkstown (skaters bikers skateboarders). Over 50 sites were visited. A range of equipment was viewed including steel and timber, poured concrete, skatelite, and modular concrete. Discussions were held with the users and designers at most of these sites, to establish best practice in relation to the standards, systems and the learning experiences of local authorities, designers and particularly the user groups.

The product chosen was concrete consisting of power floated floor and the provision of modular concrete units. The units will be manufactured under factory condition thereby ensuring quality control in all aspects of construction, materials and finish. The product has been in use on mainland Europe for 10 years and installed in over 300 skate parks. The equipment met the criteria in relation to low maintenance costs, low noise emission in use, high quality surface, flexibility and design to allow for progression.

It is important to note that there is a variety of skill levels and skating experience developing across the Dublin area to be catered for. It is envisaged that the Skate Park provided at Monkstown will cater for a broad range of people with variety of experience levels from the non-skater to more proficient. It is also the Management's intention to provide a structural learning experience on site.

Before finalising the layouts it is proposed to organise further consultation meetings, which will be advertised to interested parties as soon as dates are agreed.

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