Water leak Newtownpark Avenue



26 FEBRUARY 2007


Motion: Councillor M. Baker

"That the Manager reports on the water leak on Newtownpark Avenue on 5th/6th February stating the cause of the leak and what interaction there was between the Water Services Dept and the Road's Dept about gritting the roadway."


Water Services responded to a call relating to a burst watermain on Feb 5th last. An Inspector visited the site and spoke to residents in the area. Concern was expressed about danger to premises and sandbags were put in place as a precaution. Subsequently an unsuccessful attempt was made to contact the Roads Inspector for the area to pass on concerns about possible freezing conditions and the need to grit the road. The Water Inspector returned to site later to identify the exact location of the leak. There was no evidence of frost at that time. Freezing temperatures during the night caused extensive ice at this location and a number of accidents ensued the following day. Following excavation at the location the following day, the leak was repaired. The fault was identified as a split in the main and its cause is uncertain.

This incident has identified a need to revise our procedures concerning the transfer of information between Water Services and Transportation. Following discussions between the two Departments revised procedures are now in place to prevent a recurrence of this type of incident.

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