Entrance to Michael Smurfit College


3 MARCH 2008

Progress on Motion DL/229/07 entrance to Michael Smurfit College

Question: Councillor M. Baker

"To ask the Manager in relation to my motion of March 2007 (DL/229/07 Entrance at MichaelSmurfitCollege) what progress has been made in relation to the implementation of the suggested safety measures? Can a timeframe be given in the answer?"


No work has yet been done at this location by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council but it is intended to proceed with the works as part of the Work Programme for 2008, as to date our minor Works Contractor has been fully engaged in carrying out works in the Blackrock and other areas of the County. It is envisaged that in consultation with the College Authority to carry out the work during the summer holiday period when traffic using this entrance should be lower and disruption to the College could be minimised.

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