Road gullies on Booterstown Ave


3 MARCH 2008

Road gullies on Booterstown Avenue

Question: Councillor M. Baker

"To ask the Manager to look at the gullies on Booterstown Avenue, coming from the Rock Road on the left hand side of the avenue beside the wall of Blackrock College, with a view to raising the level of the gullies to match the road surface as they are currently well below, thus posing a danger to cyclists and motorcyclists who have to swerve on this narrow road to avoid them? Can the Manager further explain why when the road was resurfaced a few years ago that these gullies were left in this dangerous state?"


The gullies at Booterstown Avenue will be investigated and if possible will be raised. However, this work is not likely to be carried out until later in 2008. Despite enquiries it was not possible to ascertain why the gullies were not raised in the past.

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