Carysfort Maretimo Stream update

Meeting of DĂșn Laoghaire Area Committee


28th March 2011

Motion: Councillor M. Baker

That this Committee requests the Council to arrange an information event for residents and businesses in the Blackrock area that will be affected by the workswhich are to commence on the Carysfort Maretimo stream project


The Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government announced on 26th January that he had approved funding to allow the Council to accept the tender for the Scheme. In accordance with National and EU procurement procedures, the Council wrote to the unsuccessful tenderers on 28th January advising them that their tenders had not been successful, and that there was a mandatory standstill period during which they could appeal our decision. As no appeals were received, the Council have been in contact with the successful tenderer seeking clarification on some of the information that they submitted, and also seeking details of their insurances, bond and tax status. It is expected that these matters will be concluded shortly, and that the contract will be formally awarded. It is hoped that work will commence on site during April. The works will commence at the downstream end in Blackrock to provide additional capacity there before moving upstream. The programme for completion of the works is fourteen months. Following the appointment of the contractor, and prior to works commencing on site,an information day will be held at which details of the works will be made available to the public, and personnel will be available to answer any queries. All affected property owners will be made aware of the event, as well as resident and business groups in the areas where works are to be carried out. Councillors in those areas will also be notified.

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