Gully on Trimleston Drive and Trimleston Park

Meeting of DĂșn Laoghaire Area Committee


7th February 2011

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

To ask the Manager to look at the problems arising from water accessing the gully on Trimleston Drive at the junction with Trimleston Park given the blockage caused by the ramp. Currently water is pooling at this location as it is unable to access the gully. Can the ramp be altered to allow access for water to the gully? When can this work take place?


Following inspection of the location described, it is considered that the ramp is not affecting the operation of the gully. However, the gully will require regular cleaning and inspection in an effort to alleviate any ponding that may occur following periods of heavy rainfall. The Environment Department have been asked to clean the gullies in the next two weeks and to attend to cleaning them on a routine basis thereafter. The Road Maintenance Section will also keep the matter under review.

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