Illegal Posters

Meeting of Dún Laoghaire Area Committee


Motion: Councillor M. Baker

That the Manager would be proactive about implementing the laws of the land in relation to the erection of posters that are put up in the functional area of this Committee, where they are too low, or are placed on traffic signage, traffic lights etc.


In accordance with Section 19 of the Litter Pollution Act, 1997 – 2009, the placing of posters/signs/advertisements on poles or other structures in public places is illegal unless written permission has been given by the owner of the pole or structure in advance. It is not an offence to advertise a public meeting unless the advertisement has been in place for 30 days or more prior to, or 7 days or more after the date specified in the advertisement for the meeting. Election posters are only allowed to be erected for a certain specified time period before and after an election. This time period is either (a) 30 days before the poll date or (b) from the date the polling day order for the election has been completed, whichever provides the shorter period of time. All posters are required to have a contact name and address on them. A fine can be issued where possible in accordance with the Litter Pollution Act for illegal signage.
DLR Traffic Section guidelines for legal signage are as follows: Signs may not be put on motorways or national routes e.g. N11, N31, bridge parapets, traffic islands or roundabouts. Authorised signage must be attached securely so that they are always safe for pedestrians and vehicles.
Unauthorised signage reported by the public and that comes to our attention by DLR resources are dealt with in the following manner:-
Road Maintenance Inspectors have been instructed to remove all unauthorised signage where access permits.
Traffic Section have instructed their Traffic Signals Contractor, PEEK Ltd to remove all signage displayed on traffic signal poles. An Garda Síochána have confirmed their assistance in Traffic Management in accessing any problematic areas. In accordance with the DOE Traffic Signs Manual, clear guidelines on where and how signage is erected is detailed in Section 1.3.22.

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