Progress on Blackrock Library

Meeting of Dún Laoghaire Area Committee


Motion: Councillor M. Baker
“That the Manager brings a report on the future of the Blackrock Library in its
current location and when it is anticipated that it will be moved to the old town
hall/Blackrock further education institute location.”
Our lease on the temporary library premises (Valentine House) in Blackrock is due to
expire on 1 December 2013. Given delays with the construction of the Townhall
facility we have negotiated with the landlord to extend the above lease for a further
three months bringing us to 1 March 2014.
The temporary library premises will close at the end of January 2014 to allow us to
transfer staff, stock and equipment to the new facility. We have also agreed a
programme of dilapidations with the landlord and these works must be completed
during February.
The library staff will transfer over to the new facility to prepare it for public opening.
The Architects have told us that works could be completed by end of January though
we are allowing slippage to end of February. The library space has increased from
454m2 to 537m2.
The new library should open during April 2014.

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