Removal of Steel Container from Rockfield Park

Meeting of Dún Laoghaire Area Committee


Motion: Councillor M. Baker
“That this Committee requests the removal of the last steel container from Rockfield
Park now that the Sports Pavilion is open and available to all the clubs & schools that
use the park.”
Newpark Comprehensive School has a formal allocation for the use of the rugby pitch
and the container is ancillary to this usage. This container has been located in its
current position for approximately 10 years and is currently being used by Newpark
Comprehensive School to store their Rugby Scrummage Machine, which is used by
school children in Newpark Comprehensive School.
The size/weight of this apparatus requires it to be stored in this location, as the
sports pavilion is too far away. Without the protection of the container, the
equipment would be subject to vandalism/theft.

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