Elected as Cathaoirleach

Meeting of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council


Given the changes in numbers from the outgoing Council I am conscious that over half of the
councillors that make up this Chamber are new to the Council today. I would like to welcome
them here today and I hope that they will enjoy their new role. I promise to give them any
help I can in settling into the Council.
Each of us in this chamber is here to represent our local communities and collectively we
represent the whole population of this County. We come from quite different political
backgrounds and philosophies. But each of us has a legitimate electoral mandate to be here
and it is important that we all show respect to each other and our differing views. In all our
discussions and debates I would ask that we accept the good faith of others and to genuinely
listen to each others points of view.
One of my aims this year will be that we shall conduct our business in this chamber in a
business-like manner. I will try to be fair to everyone, and to give each their opportunity to put
forward their viewpoint, but I am anxious that we actually make decisions and progress on
some of the key issues facing us in this County. In the first year of a new Council we have a
unique opportunity to make good long term decisions, without looking over our shoulders to
the next local election. To do this we will all need to understand and respect the procedures of
this Chamber.
The communities that elected us expect us to get on with the job of tackling our problems
rather than playing politics or grandstanding. I believe that Politics does matter, and I am
confident by working together that we can all deliver for our communities.
We have a busy 5 years ahead of us with a weighty workload, we have our County
Development to produce, new budget arrangements to get used to, so we will all be on a
learning curve. I hope we can all work together in the tasks ahead of us.”
An Cathaoirleach, Councillor M. Baker presented the outgoing Cathaoirleach, Councillor C.
Smyth, with a replica of the medallion of office to commemorate her year as Cathaoirleach.
The Members and Ms. P. Poole, Chief Executive congratulated Councillor M. Baker on her
election as An Cathaoirleach and wished her well during her term in office.

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