Rockfield Park Pitches

Dun Laoghaire Area Committee


That the Chief Executive brings a report to this committee regarding the two football pitches in Rockfield Park. Can the report outline the following: –
1. Are both pitches suitable in size for adult footballers?
2. There are local reports that one of the pitches is too small following the recent pathway works in the park, is this correct?
3. Have complaints been received from the football clubs in relation to the size of the pitches?
4. What actions will be taken to remedy the situation?
1. Both pitches fall within the adult dimensions of FIFA laws of the game and can be tested for FIFA Standards. These dimensions are as follows; 90m to 110m in length and 45m-90m in width. These dimensions are measured within playing markings
a. Pitch A is 90m x 55m
b. Pitch B is 90m x 60m
2. The current pitches were laser plotted to ensure accuracy and compliance with FIFA specifications and are both suitable for senior and junior football
3. The Parks Department had not received CRMs but actively contacted the clubs when it was brought to their attention that a pitch was not being used by a senior football club.
4. The Parks Department has engaged the clubs and will continue to do so to support active recreation in the park and pitch allocation, ensuring equal access to facilities for all.

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