Smart ring buoys

Dun Laoghaire Area Committee


To ask the Chief Executive to provide a list of the locations of smart ring buoys along the County coastline?
We currently have 56 ring buoys along the DLR Coastline as per the locations indicated below:
Booterstown Back of train station
Williamstown Back of railway wall
Blackrock Baths
Beneath footbridge on sea wall
To left next to baths on the wall
Bathing Steps (South)

Seapoint In shelter
Slipway wall left of tower (parking)
Green area
Bottom of steps by female toilets
Small steps into water
First pole on promenade
White wall near footbridge

West Pier

Car Park low wall 1
Car Park low wall 2

Beach Gardens
Past Marble Arch
Marble arch under cannon

Dun Laoghaire Baths

Lower walkway at steps opposite stores
End of pier
Pier steps
Lower open area (pool Plaza) at bottom of steps

From opposite Fish Shack
Next steps South
Exercise machines


Old Baths
Green area
Swing-arm gate first slip (ice cream)
Lifeguard hut
Gable wall Neptune lodge (sunny wall)

Forty Foot

Entrance, left wall opposite lockup
Back of Changing Shelter
Farthest Left, Bathers hut, Kavanaghs

Bullock Harbour
Wall of diving clubhouse

Harbour Wall
On the boat shed (ferry pier with steps)
Hawks Cliff

Changing shelter wall 1
Changing shelter wall 2


Bottom of steps
Wall under Railway Viaduct

Killiney Beach
North of tea rooms wall Whiterock side
Bottom of Bono’s lane
Bottom of steps Strathmore Carpark
Bottom of steps Lifeguard hut
South of Pumphouse Bray side
End of ramp/old shop near station
Lockup shelters (old lifeguards) 1
Lockup shelters (old lifeguards) 2
Bottom of Military road steps

Seafield road lane

Clonkeen Stream to the left
On bridge over Loughlinstown stream

Corbawn Lane

Top of access ramp

Quinn’s Road

Access ramp

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