Recycling of Plastics


Council meeting December 2004

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager to provide the following answers regarding recycling of plastics:

  1. The name and position of the person who is charged with sourcing alternative sites within the County for plastic recycling
  2. The number of hours per week this person is engaged in locating a site
  3. The number of and the locations of potential sites examined to date together with information why they were suitable or unsuitable
  4. The expected timeframe in which the general public in the County can expect to receive extra facilities for recycling plastic?"


  1. Recycling is carried out under the direction of John Guckian, Senior Executive Officer who enlists the support of various other staff members and departments in identifying suitable sites for all recycling.
  2. An analysis of the precise time spent on this aspect of the workload has not been recorded.
  3. Plastic recycling is under consideration by the Dublin Region and a final decision on what, if any, method of collection of this material is underway. Locations which are currently under examination will be notified to Council members when the matter has been progressed

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