Carysfort Ave no entry sign



4th February 2008

Request for no entry sign on Carysfort Ave

Question: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager for his attention to a safety concern in Blackrock town centre where vehicles are entering Newtown Ave from outside the Central Café, even though this is a one way street going the other way. Can the Manager have the appropriate sign erected on Carysfort Ave (outside the Credit Union office) advising motorists that there is no entry into Newtown Ave as it is difficult to see the painted road making on the opposite junction?"


There are road markings at present at the junction of Newtown Avenue and Blackrock Main Street indicating that Newtown Avenue is one way. However, it is intended to provide two statutory No Entry signs (RUS 011) at the junction.

It is also intended to investigate changing the green signals at the traffic lights from "full green" to "left" and "right" filter arrows to indicate to traffic that there is no straight ahead movement.

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