Patrician Villas Community Centre


Meeting of Dun Laoghaire Area Committee25th February 2008COMMUNITY CENTRE, PATRICIAN VILLASQuestion: Councillor M. Baker:

"To ask the Manager in relation to the community centre in Patrician Villas the following questions:(a) To arrange a meeting between representatives of the residents association in Patrician Villas, Stillorgan Pigeon Club and representatives of the Community Dept. to discuss the future use of the centre.(b) To provide the residents association with a key for access to the centre(c) To organise a professional clean up of the interior of the centre so that it can safely be used by the community?"


a) The Area Community Officer has met the committees of the Residents Association and the Pigeon Cub in order to facilitate the opening up of the centre for usage to the local community.b) The committee of the Pigeon Club have agreed to honour the terms of the Management licence regarding community use and the Area Community Officer is finalizing the Resident's Association requirements. A key will be made available to the residents in order to facilitate their usage.c) In order to facilitate greater community use it will be necessary to carry out a complete interior décor refurbishment programme. Funding will be made available for the project.

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